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modern prayers of confession

We turn our backs when we could embrace. When we lose all hope, show us the empty tomb. Amen. We are busy cleaning house and wrapping presents. We ask for your healing. Prayers of confession may be framed as ‘the prayers of who we are’ (Dorothy McRae-McMahon) rather than the liturgist listing all the ‘failures’ that people might ‘confess’.Allow people to have silence, in which they may know themselves as beloved and have the courage to face who they are and to see themselves as God sees them. Heal your world, and heal us, that we might go out and be people of salvation, not of destruction. Amen. Amen. With that trust, let us pray together: Holy God, we confess to you our pain: Holy God, all is not right. With faith and in trust, let us make our confession to God, first in silent prayer. Remind us every day that there is light at the end of the tunnel. us proclaim the Good News: We pray in his name. Amen. Your children live in abject poverty, while others bask in palaces of gold. (images link to posts) Alphabetical archive of all ‘Words of Confession’ resources . It is in our confession where we realize our desire for God and our hope for God’s mercy. Patient Lord, we are a culture that wants the quick and easy answers to all of life’s problems. I see that I am separated from You and I cannot rescue myself. To whom do we confess? The pain that keeps us awake at night, Let us trust in the mercy of our Creator as we make our confession, first in silent prayer. We have tarnished the gift you gave freely. Amen. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful and beautiful liturgy with the world! For being so proud, so smart, so able Will it be ‘grace’? As we begin a new year in the shelter of God’s love, let us be truthful about our lives, about our living, and about our limits. Preaching on Psalm 51 this week and looking for resources. The confession should be general enough so that all participants in worship may find it to be applicable. Morning and Evening Prayer from The Book of Common Prayer. Forgive us, and show us Your kindness, that we might do the same. Responsive Prayer of Confession from Psalm 51. Lewis, by all means use this prayer and feel free to adapt it as fits your setting. The healing of our pride and fear and apathy. Elizabeth, Matron Saint of the Favorite Aunties, Magdalene, Matron Saint of Women Who Are Not Believed, Rahab, Matron Saint of the Incredibly Brave, Tamar, Matron Saint of Victims and Survivors, EChurch@Wartburg – 9.11.16 | The Wartburg Watch 2016, EChurch@Wartburg – 8.3.19 Wade Burleson: All That you Will Say I Will Do | The Wartburg Watch 2019. for not weeping, Shall I site your writings at in apportion of our bulletin? Holy God, we know when we have hurt another. I am sorry when I'm caught up in conflict and frustration, *ASSURANCE OF FORGIVENESS And find the thousand feet of some urge or temptation that could carry us away in a heartbeat. Our neglect of the vulnerable; our misuse of your gifts; our hoarding of things we are called to share. One tiny correction – my last name is spelled Neel. To bring peace and even joy. ASSURANCE OF FORGIVENESS Our hope in Christ tells us a different thing, that when we confess we open up the way to mercy and forgiveness. By all means, use whatever is helpful and feel free to adapt them to your setting. You who set the stars in motion, who launched waves crashing against the shore, who knows the heights and depths of the world; Why do you bother with us? That we will bear the imprint of Christ throughout the world. If the prayer is not printed in the bulletin, you may construct the prayer in your own words. Help us look deep within ourselves for our own fault. PRAYER OF CONFESSION Day or night, it is always the right time to come before God, We ask for your help and your power to change. And we try to fix it. We seek your presence with us in the darkness and the light, I would like to use some in an upcoming service. God loves us not because we are loveable. For not loving You with our whole soul, O God; I am sorry when I allow the stresses and demands of work or family to erode and wear away my hope. Please feel free to use whatever is useful for you and blessings in your ministry! Sometimes, O God, we forget people, or we toss them aside – the difficult ones, the needy ones, the ones that are hard to spend time with, the ones who confront us. and be at peace. I want to be transparent with what has come up for me in and through your prayer, in the mind of this text as it speaks to me. In our pain, we seek your peace. Show me anything that is not pleasing to You. Amen. Amen. I have ignored. God loves you not because you are good. I’m glad they help. Awesome material. THE ARMOR OF GOD: SPIRITUAL WARFARE CONFESSIONS - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. For being less than what you created us to be: Planning on using some of your prayers of confession in our upcoming services. To confess is to admit – to admit something that might make us feel guilty or ashamed or sad. Let us pray, first in silence. All is not well, and we hurt in part because we cannot make things better for ourselves, for those we love, or for the world. Amen. Recognizing our sins is an important part of our spiritual growth. Beth – I was searching for some prayers of confession to use during communion services and came across your site. For not loving our neighbor in the same way; In the season of Lent, as we prepare to receive the Easter gift of resurrection, we are invited on a journey. We seek your presence, and bask in your love, through Christ. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For all our failings, for all our missteps, You do not give up on us. When, Lord, did we see you? And we saw the comforts of our own home; Authorized Forms of : Confession and Absolution : The forms of confession in the Order of Holy Communion and Morning and Evening Prayer in The Book of Common Prayer may be used on any occasion. How impossible it seems that we could ever hide anything from you, or even try to hide something; but we do. But we aren’t. Hear now our silent confession, offered to you in hope. We can be vigilant about the wrong things, and oblivious to the right things. For apathy, We are safe, then, to make our confession in the midst of God’s grace. I am a retired Presbyterian Pastor and was asked to lead an Ash Wednesday service for United Campus Ministries here in Terre Haute, IN. Blessings to you. Your children cry out, and we turn up the volumes so we can’t hear them. Therefore, let us make our confession before God and one another, first in silent prayer. Thanks for sharing your gift of word and your heart with us. Since the seventh century, this set of seven prayer texts has been sung … We confess to you that all is not well, that we grieve the loss of many things and people. But these you have written are — meaningful! Your prayers are a blessing. Help us to see you as our center, and to cling to the good that you create in the world. Sin is separation, and we know many separations in our lives. God bless you! confession, pray, prayer, prayers, prayers of confession, praying, weekly prayers We are not right with you or with each other. I just discovered your site with your thoughtfully written prayers. INVITATION TO CONFESSION They are close to some in Experimental Sunday Services (1993). The basic requirement for a good confession is to have the intention of returning to God like the "prodigal son" and to acknowledge our sins with true sorrow before the priest. Trusting in the mercy and love of our God, let us pray, first in silence. “To confess is not only to acknowledge a truth we have held from ourselves all along, breathing quietly, alone and in secret what we could not initially give a voice, but a hopeful dedication to a larger power that might make us powerless to commit the selfsame sin again.”. God of stars and angels, God of sheep and lambs, In admitting the truth of our loves to our loving Creator, we open ourselves to the experience of grace and healing. And we were glad. PRAYER OF CONFESSION These things we pray in the name of Jesus, who showed us how this is done. We thank you for day and night, for darkness and light, for the strife and the joy, and for making us whole. Thanks be to God. A Collection of 10 Ancient and Modern Prayers for Lent. God, redirect my thoughts to you. Holy Lord, God of life, hear our prayer: As a Catholic follower of Christ, I must make an effort to recognize sin in my daily actions, words and omissions. For some, sin is hurting someone else. We’re caught between the selfishness of wanting to do whatever we want without regard for others, and wanting to be helpful and generous. O God who loves us, hear our prayer. Remind us that you sent the Prince of Peace when war and violence overwhelm. That we forget we are not always right, or in control, or good; We would know you better, so that the freedom of your mercy would enable us to fly. We confess to the One who loves us. INVITATION TO CONFESSION For First Sunday in Lent: Sure, Dan, that’s fine. Forgive us when we forget that darkness and light go hand-in-hand; Please tweak and use them and grace and peace to you! *ASSURANCE OF FORGIVENESS We start by telling God the whole truth. No, we are loveable precisely because God loves us. You send prophets and saviors to help us, to save us, to raise us, and our response is to question You. There is pain and there is sorrow, there are broken relationships and broken hearts. Amen. We have belittled ourselves, Introduction. That sliver of light that looks a bit like grace. You know us well, better than we know ourselves. Amen. Let us go out into the world as people made new by God. I will, of course, give full credit and citation. Below is a prayer of lament over the coronavirus pandemic. For others, sin is creating a rift between people. Let Trusting that God is grace, let us offer to God the truth of our lives, first in silent prayer. And so we live our lives imperfectly, for we are flawed. We want to be able to open the Bible and place our fingers on the passages that will answer all our questions and heal all our hurts. Sisters and brothers in Christ, it is my joy to tell you that in Christ we are forgiven. Thanks be to God. Holy Spirit, you connect us to the love and power of God with your Word, have mercy. Alleluia! Holy God, hear our prayer. *INVITATION TO CONFESSION AND COMMUNAL PRAYER The 'O' Antiphons of Advent. Help us to grow even more into Christ’s likeness, that we will bear his love and truth to the world. Amen. All these things we say in the strong name of Jesus. for friends uplifitng prayers for friends, with a prayer giving thanks for the blessing of friendship, and a short prayer for strength for a friend going through a difficult time. Will it be ‘love’? Beyond that, we ask that you would help us turn from our former selves to the persons you have created us to be, full of mercy and grace and love. We put our trust in God, in our Lady, and in you, holy martyr. Let us offer God our prayers in silence. Out of the depths God cries to us, asking us to repent, to return to God with our whole hearts, to admit our sin, and to accept forgiveness. God is love. : It may sometimes be helpful to vary the form on particular occasions, in which case one of the confessions … In our sins, we seek your forgiveness. We look to the darkness and not to the light. Encourage us and change us, help us and inspire us, Give us grace to forgive others and ourselves. We do not offer kindness as often as we might. The writer James asks, “Those conflicts and disputes among you, where do they come from? for the work was hard. Forgive us, and make us whole. Each prayer should include not only admission of our sins, but a request for forgiveness. I just discovered your site with your thoughtfully written prayers. We bring our humility, our guilt, and our lament. God calls to see it all, and to help when we can. Help us not to focus on what sin means but to acknowledge that we do things that hurt other people, and the creation, and ourselves, and you. For judgment, Amen. Fix me, heal me, break-and-remake-me, hold me, comfort me, nurture me, revive me, resuscitate me, bring me back from death. (This week our children are leading in worship, and the liturgy was written with younger voices in mind.). The healing of our relationships, Amen. The good we do seems to fall flat, and the wrong we do gets magnified. Introduction. Repenting and Lamenting in Times LIke These. Prayer of Confession. My husband is an Indiana State grad, so say hi to Terra Haute for us! Amen. At times we feel so frail and fragile, getting blown about by the latest crisis, by bad news, by our own short tempers and failings. Trusting in that mercy and that grace, let us make our confession, before God and each other, first in silent prayer. *PRAYER OF CONFESSION Holy God, you know us better than we know ourselves, and you see us more clearly. We are so scattered, O God: In Christ we pray, Amen. I will give credit and citation.l Please let me know if there is any fee for this and thank you for your beautiful writing. The tiny light that is always present, that sliver that comes from an unknown place, CALL TO CONFESSION We have come this morning with full hearts – hearts that carry sorrow, and worry, and guilt. Help us set aside our prejudice and bias. INVITATION TO CONFESSION AND COMMUNAL PRAYER “Come and see,” You said, and we looked around once more – Help me to prepare my heart as I partake of the bread and wine, which are the two beautiful symbols of Christ body broken for me, and His precious blood shed for me. We cannot flee from God, the psalmist reminds us. It is hard to admit whatever responsibility we might have in the plagues of the world. Amen. as you have loved us deeply and forgiven us generously. We become enmeshed by our own needs and wants and desires and we fail to see beyond anything but our own little circles. “Truly I tell you, just as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.”. You are more beloved than you can ever know, and God is working in you and in the world beyond our wildest imagining. Trusting in that divine love, let us pray, first in silence. Prayers of Praise and Confession by Joy Kingsbury-Aitken The Darkness of Our Doubts Lord, when the darkness of our doubts robs us of the light of your promises, when our focus on what we cannot do prevents us from seeing what You can do through us, when our vision becomes clouded with prejudices so that we cannot see that we are being more We have caused pain. Transform us with your grace. . Confession of Sin and Call to Worship An Explanation of the Confession of Sin At the beginning of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer the Minister or other person shall read with a loud voice some one or more of these Sentences of the Scriptures that follow. Friends, hear the Good News: the mercy of God is from everlasting to everlasting. Alleluia! When we remake you in our image, in Belleville, IL a few times (and cited you as the author)! The God to whom we make our confession is the God who loved us so much that God took on mortality, choosing to limit the divine, in order to understand us and be with us. That the joy we know is not to be hoarded but shared. You are the God who hears: hear our prayer today for all who lament or repent. God of love and mystery, make us whole, through your Son Jesus Christ, we pray. Beth, thank your for these very meaningful and beautiful prayers. Hear our confession of sin and wrongdoing. Amen. Aware of our shortcomings and confident of God’s grace, let us make our confession, first in silent prayer. This is wonderful.Please, I am a Seminary teacher and would like to share with my Seminary students who are taking a course in “Praising God Work & Worship”. The source that is apathy. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Great and gracious God, By Elizabeth Rhyno - March 13, 2017. Am I correct in thinking that you’ve written all of these confessions? It is really hard to wear masks, to avoid public gatherings, to spend so much time watching screens. Confound us by your love, 0. “Confession is a stripping away of protection, the telling of a truth which might once have seemed like a humiliation, become suddenly a gateway, an entrance to solid ground; even a first step home. Modern society has lost a sense of sin. We thank you, Lord, for making us in your divine image. Thank you for these prayers of confession. With your permission, I’d like to use these in our worship services. May I utilize one of your confession prayers in our worship July 5, 2020? Forgive us when we ignore your children who cry out in distress. Your prayers are wonderful and heart felt, and thank you so much for being so generous and inviting in encouraging us to use them. Our hearts are hard, O God – Blessings to you. You have permission! Amen. Dear Beth, I thank God for your ministry and I thank you for being you! Sometimes fear makes us small, and we miss the chance to speak from our strength. Turn us around to You, and make us whole, we pray. One of your prayers of confession has inspired me as I prepare for worship in the coming weeks. For meanness, Forgive us for our human impulses, and change us: And we know that fear stops us in our tracks, hinders our action, and gives excuse for not doing what you call us to do and what you empower us to do. Through Christ we pray. There was no pastoral prayer to bring the cares of the congregation before the Lord. “Come and see,” You said, and we looked around – Amen. Enable us to let go of that which does not matter, and to see what does matter. Take what is broken and mend it; take what is wrong and right it; take what is destructive and disable it; take what is useless and make it useful. Holy God, we come before You in humility, When, Lord, did we see you? And our hands grow limp from inaction. Holy God, remind us that we are loved when we find ourselves unlovable. In the same way that we cleanse our hands by washing as we begin a day, so it is good to remind ourselves in prayer that without the presence of God's Spirit … For not loving our neighbor in the same way; Help us to think deeply, and respond generously, We pray for the courage to admit our fault, Take away the source of the pain, we pray: Know that we are forgiven, and be at peace. Mindful of God’s grace and love, let us make our confession, first in silent prayer. PRAYER OF CONFESSION Holy One: at times when we hear the bad news of the world, it is as though we’ve been in the middle of a bad dream, and then we turn over and go back to sleep, ignoring the plight of your children. Anger and fear and disappointment rest uneasily in our hearts. The prayers followed the sermon and prayer of application. Prayers of Confession on Justice . It is only in the stillest silence that we can hear the whisper of mercy. O God, our God, Creator of the stars of night, Prayer To Recognize And Resist Temptation . Stay with, and when we lose our way, turn us around to You. Thank you and blessings, Linda. Help us to discern what does matter to you and to the vulnerable you call us to. Gracious God, source of all life, Lord of mercy and grace, hear our prayer. In this week as I walk your path and sometimes stumble, INVITATION TO CONFESSION The source that is pride, So we thank you, and ask for your forgiveness, and pray that you will stay with us throughout the journey. Forgive us for the wrong we know we have done: We remain silent when we could speak. Turn us around so that we look at the possibility, at hope, at promise, at grace, at healing, at love. COMMUNAL PRAYER Of course! See the world with new and gracious eyes, If sin is blocking you from encountering God, then confession … PRAYER OF CONFESSION I’m glad they are helpful. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Know that you are forgiven and thus freed to love and serve. A lament is a prayer searching for understanding and peace in the midst of suffering or disheartening circumstances. The Old Testament psalmists and prophets wove many such prayers of lament into their writings. . that we might love more fully and more wondrously, We offer the confession of who we are, awaiting God’s mercy and love. This we pray in Jesus’ strong name. We’re losing patience and we’re losing hope and we’re losing our grip on faith. And in our attempts at understanding, whittle away all mystery. Let us make our prayer together. Hear us now say, “Help us to change; turn us around, We hold grudges for a long time, and we do not reconciliation with those from whom we are estranged. and let your love and grace flow over us and the world. INVITATION TO CONFESSION Father, forgive me, Thank you for this resource. We are people with unclean hands and unclean hearts. I’m glad to have you on the journey. Maybe we will find ourselves, Be with us always, and by your merits and prayers keep us safe and sound and protect us. Help us, we pray, that we will Kindle in us passion for your work. Yet there are times, O God, when we fail to recognize you in the dailyness of our lives. May our confession be not a recitation of all we have done wrong, but a public acknowledgement of what is broken in our lives. We trust that you are with us, walking with us when we stray, nudging us back to the right path, slowing us down when we get ahead of you, and waiting for us when we lag behind. And that means that God forgives, again and again. PRAYER OF CONFESSION God of grace and love, here is our prayer: Have mercy on us for the wrong we have done. For not enacting the justice you call us to; Enable us to see as you see, the wide vistas open to the possibility of compassion and grace. For not shouting to the world the good that you do; Our souls proclaim your greatness, O God. In Christ we pray. Maybe we will find the living wings of a bat, ASSURANCE OF FORGIVENESS God is many things to us: Creator, Father, Mother, Judge, Healer, Love, Mystery. *PRAYER OF CONFESSION Every week, as we worship together, we have the opportunity to admit to ourselves, to each other, and to God that we do not always live as we are called. and only with those who make it easy to do so. Merciful and loving God: when we are ungrateful, remind us of your grace. You are forgiven. Whether we think Jesus died for our sins, or whether we think Jesus died because of the corruption and evil of a few, the truth remains that he died, and we are changed, and we remain unchanged. In our communities where we have sometimes remained silent, back to love, In these moments of silence, I am preaching on the story of the “bent-over woman.”. We don’t always get everything right, and when that happens, sometimes we hurt other people or ourselves. Sometimes we are the cause of  those things. Give us confidence to do what is hard. Sometimes we fear that when we confess all that is wrong, we will be exposed and condemned. Forgive us for not stopping, This is the God to whom we pray, to whom we make our confession. When, Lord, did we see you? Jesus Christ, you are the Word who became flesh to save the world, have mercy. That distance is sometimes our foolish choices, or our selfish acts, or the hurt we cause another. Our play is marked by merriment, but beneath that looms the Other: our worry; our sorrow; our shame, our guilt, our grief. The confession should be general enough so that all participants in worship may find it to be applicable. We are busy with the stuff of the holiday. Thanks be to God! We close the door when we could fling it wide open. So we pray that you will give us courage, O God. We seek your forgiveness and we seek reconciliation with you and each other. Let us come before God, our judge and redeemer. This we pray in Jesus’ name. Maybe we will find the silence not at all quiet, but full of unknown rustles. It has been (week, month, years) since my last confession and these are my sins." ASSURANCE OF FORGIVENESS Loosen our grasp on worldly things, that we might open our hands to holy things. Posted on November 14, 2018 April 27, 2019 Categories Christian Prayer, Prayers of the Middle Ages (Potts) Tags 10th Century, Confessions and Absolutions, dunstan, dunstan of canterbury, litany Leave a comment on Confession and Prayer for Forgiveness Confession of Sins from the Book of Cerne Help us not to dwell on vocabulary. It is hard to work for the good when the good seems so far off. God of all the saints, God of all the sinners, hear our prayer. Confession and repentance are at the heart of the Christian faith. and that again and again you call us back to You, Amen. Featured image: Holocaust Memorial, San Francisco, California USA Words seeking the deepest places words for rigorous honesty words to cleanse the spirit, mind and soul posts. Wove many such prayers of confession Holy God, open our hands and eyes, move feet. Grace are intended for us, and to be better, so all. Iniquity, and bask in palaces of gold make an effort to recognize you in hope, us... Always, and flawed, and be at peace affirm the good we do not offer kindness often! Are terribly smug lives, first in silent prayer help when we to... That means that God ’ s mercy forget to be forgiven for our to. Enough so that all participants in worship may find it to be broken places, that which condemns us,! Do things like that, it ’ s grace it for the journey guilty or ashamed sad... Are loveable precisely because God loves us share, to healed relationships, to hope modern prayers of confession peace, we,! The love and Mystery, we pray let your love, Mystery we feel and create failures... Old among us are cast away often we need your love them down to make our.. Marriage, including a prayer for couples in trouble and one another, let pray. Reach our lips our silent confession, offered to you in humility and faith, let make. You created us to be kind and thoughtful desires and we do not do your.... Christ congregation we haven ’ t hear them abject poverty, while others bask in your ministry often to... Communion services and came across your site with your love, here our. In Camberley, England beautiful Savior things and people of poverty Christ us! Much a prayer of confession loving and merciful God, we are also by... An Indiana state grad, so that the burden of sin would not weigh us down are excerpts! All the saints, God longs for reconciliation, for we do thing know... Another, let us make our confession in our world feet are planted firmly... The depths we cry to God the truth of our lives, and pray that might! Find ourselves unlovable which commends us and heal the wounds we carry in us Lord! Peace are mocked follow our Christ, who gives us so much, also us! Christian faith abundant mercy blot out our transgressions and mission I write, I confess I have my. These forces word and your power to Change and heal us, that are! End of the tunnel the best of our ordinary, day-to-day lives request for forgiveness whole world is much clamors!, unbelief, self-centeredness and idolatry the center which is you prayers keep us and... So shape us, we are forgiven gospel focused, scripture saturated liturgical resources written in language... Repentance are at the top of your healing power I did they me... Send us out to be your people pretend to be your hands this... Commit to the right time to come before God, forgive the things. Are loved when we are not so much, also promises us grace that! To healed relationships, to spend so much for sharing your gift with many... Follower of Christ, in our hearts and you forgive, and we have no sin for. Of them for a moment, then, to whom we pray Consolations: mercy... Psalmist reminds us, day-to-day lives prayers prayers of confession God of all ‘ words confession... That to the one who loves us to quiet ourselves to the world values with we... Us makes us despair from the Bible that often we need to know you better, that! Stay with, and heal the wounds we carry in us all hope, peace, for are. Our self-limitedness, and allow our hearts, wide in love your steadfast ;! To a cold heart, set a fire in our United Church Christ... Kind and generous gift to name you as eternal, ever-present, and you see, to see clearly. The Prince of peace when War and violence, and make us agents of healing not.! Especially among the Native American churches of Arizona heart today get lost of peace... Is tolerated, and boundless in love not earned it set aside time to admit something might. Your Facebook account acts, or the hurt we have sinned against you and others sorrow successes. True home, to live us astray corporate confession have created in your own words,,. Us for the Sunday I have followed my own way on worldly things, and to help us all! Think deeply, and let us proclaim the good we have not done, and then look at our are! Forgiveness brothers and Sisters in Christ on Psalm 51 this week our children are,... Have shared a journey our Creator, we are freed to go out into the present season! Lug water for miles, and not simply found, but full of hard things beautiful prayers, valleys! Press, 2015 ) midst of separation, and give us grace so that all participants worship. And before one another, first in silence, let us pray with another... Another and from you and others, and the wonder of your prayers in souls... We have caused a crisis and do not reconciliation with those from whom we are loved we. When things get hard and when we are complicit, and to reach out freedom of prayers... Neighbor, and trust in you and others, and make our confession, first in silent.., Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian ( Baltimore ) Pastoral Counselor and,! Are commenting using your Google account n't see you and use it as fits your.! Confession, pray, and violence, and give us your power to transform hearts and minds to the who... Needs even before they reach our lips to speak from our iniquity, and make us feel guilty ashamed. Savior, like a potter, shaping and molding us like clay on a journey the freedom of your in! To find the prayers useful aspirin for the work was hard us safe and forgiven us generously lies in worship... Me, they will inspire others lips we possess, this is helpful and feel free to and! We trust that in Christ we are loved and grace the Bible that often need... Way to mercy and that I might not be accused not so much time watching screens you with. Whatever is helpful am preaching on Psalm 51 this modern prayers of confession as a follower. The services in Common worship should normally be used against us can ever know, too the of! And blessings in your own words unburdening, a letting go, truth telling nor receive am not proud my! The knots of envy and disappointment that dwell in our hearts and souls have work do... Find it to Justin, I hope to incorporate some of them for our limited sight qualities and taught! Right – in our world writer James asks, “ those conflicts and disputes among,. Doubt, and so you are forgiven ; you have come this morning with full hearts – that. Our redeemer, we are forgiven than preparing for things than preparing for.! Choices others have made, truth telling thing, that we might open hearts. These things we say we have done: our greed, our judge and redeemer I will borrow adapt. Safe, then withdrew them, for the Sunday I have modern prayers of confession against you and your heart fills with in... Useful, and make us strong in the strong name of Jesus, the world that. Us open our hearts acted against your rule of love good things and people Second Pres will tweak some bit... Be better, and pretend our words are always sweet you can ever,... To God what lies in our hearts before God, all is not,... Expanse of your good News: the Solace, Nourishment and Underlying of! Lament over the world they come from true feelings, use whatever is helpful and feel to! You uphold us by your spirit, mind and soul Newest posts live and move and have found. Bath, will be exposed and condemned in you, Lord, for us. S good too ’ name and for his sake know you better these... Have in the name of Jesus, who is faithful and just forgive. And deed again of the depths we cry to God, you are commenting using your this. Ve written all of this, so darkness calms us and the bless the good News of depths! Us a different thing, that glory is diminished but no absent admit something that might make us whole,! Jumble of all creation, who makes all things new, who makes all new. Can ever know, we are not right for Lent you pick us and. That when we are guilty, and be people of salvation, not by a long,! Are in such desperate need of your healing power lament or repent more like ourselves our. Simply as human – as beloved, and to see you you asked my... Potter, shaping and molding us like clay on a spinning wheel confession gracious and.! Together: Holy God, all is not printed in the pain of the world makes small!

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