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Making a difference

Money and wealth can help to create a good life. But for most of us money can’t buy what we really treasure; relationships, love, a feeling that we belong somewhere. None of us can do more than to eat well, have a nice house, invest in our families and things like that. But then what? What more can we use money to that brings true meaning to life? Money can’t bring meaning to life by itself, but money wisely invested in the world’s most disadvantaged areas can help other people to get the same possibilities we all want for our lives. A little help can make a big difference and create work opportunities.

The possibility to a self earned income will create miracles in people’s life. Aid and emergency response may be necessary in a crisis situation but will never build a sound society in the long run. That only investments will do. People don’t need more aid that will make them passive. They need to get a possibility to change their situation through work. In that way they will not be dependent of help but in charge of their own lives. They will have their dignity as people and feel like equal partners and important workforce in different industries and enterprises operated by Swedinvest Scandinavia. In this you can be a partner as shareholder or investor. Contact us today to get more information.

Swedinvest Scandinavia is not an aid organization; we are a company with shareholders that want to have a return on their investment. The difference is that we want the money to create new opportunities for people in some of the world’s least prioritized areas as their way to give us a return. In this way there is always a return of some kind.

Swedinvest Scandinavia believes in the power of creativity, we believe that the best way for a society to develop is to introduce and encourage a lively and sound economy. This way people will gain power over their own lives. We believe that the things that is good for people and the whole society is what will bring sustainable wealth to Swedinvest and our shareholders, partners and investors.

We will present future investment possibilities here at our website as well as to people and organizations that contact us to learn more about current possibilities. Send us your contact information and we will contact you and present our offers to you.