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møre og romsdal road

more. The top attractions to visit in Møre og Romsdal are: What are the best outdoor activities in Møre og Romsdal? Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. Are you itching to test your driving chops on this challenging course? Fjords are mostly very deep and during summer there is a constant inflow of meltwater that cools the surface. Connect to E6 at Dombås. Every bend has its own name, most of them named for one of the foremen that led the construction gangs that built the road. Møre og Romsdal Møre og Romsdal is a county in Western Norway.It is the most northerly of the famous west coast fjord regions and its northern location possibly cuts visitors - … Return to Valldal village and continue up Valldal valley on road 63 towards Trollstigen, short stop at Gudbrandsjuvet to look at the gorge, continue to the mountain pass and drive down Trollstigen after stop "on the edge". In the mountains, the temperature can be close to 0 °C even in summer. Road 136 Åndalsnes-Sjøholt has several long tunnels and often heavy traffic. Note that temperature is closely related to altitude. From north to south, these are Nordmøre, Romsdal, and Sunnmøre. Det er ansatte også i Molde og Ålesund sentrum. Many drivers won't let hitchhikers on, so don't expect immediate response. On mountain passes like Trollstigen and Geiranger road there can be several meters of snow during winter. Møre og Romsdal Røde Kors har et distriktskontor som ligg på Moa i Ålesund kommune. Antall personar som er testa for koronavirus i Møre og Romsdal: ca 150. Important industry as well as two of four airports are on islands. As in the rest of Norway, virtually everybody speaks or understands English. This means that western rivers are much more powerful and has for thousands of years dug deep into the bedrock creating gorges and waterfalls, this process has also shifted the watershed east/south such that what was once tributaries to the eastern rivers became tributaries to western rivers. Molde is the administrative centre, while Kritiansund developed early as a trading post and capital of "dried cod fish". Red deer is much smaller than the moose (elk) found in Eastern Norway, but it can still create a situation of danger and cause serious damage to your car. From the north The red deer is much smaller than the moose (elk) found in Eastern Norway, but can still create a dangerous situation and cause serious damage to your car. info) is a county in the northernmost part of Western Norway. Also try the typical thick pancake ("svele") served on ferries. Trollstigen and Geiranger mountain passes on Road 63 are always closed during winter (usually November to mid May). Rangering nasjonalt. Informasjon om fylkespolitikk, vidaregåande opplæring, tannhelse, samferdsel, næringsutvikling og kultur i Møre og Romsdal. About seven hours from Oslo to Åndalsnes. Kristiansund in particular were pioneers in the export of dried-salted cod, klippfisk, and export to Portugal and Spain also resulted in the import of dishes such as bacalo (cod in one-pot with tomato, onion and potatoes). Møre og Romsdal. Read maps carefully to avoid long tunnels on main roads. Record your own trail from the Wikiloc app, upload the route and share it with the community. Media in category "Road tunnels in Møre og Romsdal" The following 112 files are in this category, out of 112 total. Petty thefts and vandalism are the most common form of crime. “Our ambition is to be a leader in modern and fossil-free technology so that our customers can enjoy green and smart transport,” Ole Engebret Haugen, CEO of Vy Buss, noted in May. From the south Aursjøvegen: Fantastisk biltur - Se 27 reiseanmeldelser, 45 objektive bilder og gode tilbud på Møre og Romsdal, Norge på Tripadvisor. In summer, the region can also be reached via the famous Geiranger road. Car ferries are an integral part of the road network and trips across this county always involves ferries, but these ferries are generally not a separate means of transport. With its many islands, magnificent fjords, waterfalls and green valleys, this is a popular cruise ship stop. Discover the most beautiful places, download GPS tracks and follow the top routes itinerary on a map. The only railway in this district ends at Åndalsnes and covers only the stretch from Dombås via Bjorli down Romsdalen valley. The interior is sparsely populated, while the most population is concentrated on islands and outer areas. "Atlantic Ocean Road isn’t long- just over 5 miles, but this short Norwegian road has a reputation rivaling even some of the most iconic American roads such as Route 66 and the Loneliest Road. Møre og Romsdal Innbyggertall: 265 238 Totalt innsamlet. There are four airports in the county, at Ålesund, Molde, Ørsta/Volda and Kristiansund. Because of the many islands and deep fjords, Møre og Romsdal has a large number of relatively short (10-20 min) ferry crossings. Some roads are occasionally closed by avalanche. Such barb valleys can be seen in the upper parts of Romsdalen and Sunndal valleys. The best outdoor activities in Møre og Romsdal according to Tripadvisor travelers are: What are the best day trips from Møre og Romsdal? Kr 12 201 733,-av totalt 239 057 272,- innsamlet i hele landet. Tourists should consider the more scenic Road 60 (connecting to E39 at Byrkjelo) across a small mountain pass, further along fjords and through Olden and Stryn to Hellesylt. On the longer crossings, ferries have cafeteria selling coffee, beverages, sandwiches and some hot food. Around Hjørundfjord and Åndalsnes are the some the most alpine areas in Norway, known as Sunnmøre alps and Romsdal alps respectively. Siste nytt fra ditt nærområde. Media in category "Roads in Møre og Romsdal" The following 28 files are in this category, out of 28 total. Møre og Romsdal Revisjon SA er en selvstendig revisjonsenhet organisert som et samvirkeforetak. Use a low gear and let the engine control the speed downhill. The county of Møre og Romsdal is located on Western Norway. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Møre og Romsdal weather is dominated by the North Atlantic. The county has long traditions in fishing and is famous for its bacalao. The Rauma railway terminates at Åndalsnes and runs parallel to road E136, and are connected to Oslo and Trondheim via Dombås junction. In some tunnels, bicycles are not allowed. Ålesund has the best connections and can be reached from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and some international cities like London. What are the top attractions to visit in Møre og Romsdal? Hitchhiking is a cheap way to travel the tourist routes. A number of interesting and impressive road constructions are perhaps the most important man-made attractions in this region. Måndag 09.03.20: Strammar inn på samlingar, kurs og konferanseaktivitetar: Helse Møre og Romsdal fraråder tilsette å delta på større konferansar, kurs og samlingar der eit stort tal helsepersonell møtast. Along fjords there are few beaches and mostly steep hills or cliffs directly into the water. Violent crimes are very rare. Although the districts do not have separate governments and despite modern road, sea and air connections throughout the county, the three districts still have their own identities in many ways. There is also a number of great constructions related to hydro electric power production notably in Tafjord and Sunndal. Two of three main towns, Kristiansund and Ålesund, both sits on islands. Møre og Romsdal has large numbers of red deer (hart, "hjort") that can suddenly jump into the road at dusk and dawn (particularly where road is passing through dense forest). There are no large cities in Møre og Romsdal, but there are a few towns around. Call the police at 02800 (or emergency number 112) if you wound an animal. Aktivitetene våre foregår i hovedsak ute i de 21 lokalforeningene, der du kan være frivillig i mange forskjellige aktiviteter. We had one goal, catch the sunset with ouyr Mavic air drone! Strawberries, apples and cherries are grown commerically in the warm valleys and at the southern slopes along fjords. The Møre og Romsdal area stretches from the shores of the mild Atlantic where there are only brief periods of frost and snow, to the high mountains and interior with heavy snowfalls and periods of deep frost. Cycling is a nice way to move around the varied landscape, steep hills and numerous tunnels are challenging. The most northerly of the Western Fjord counties, More og Romsdal is a land of rich and rugged terrain, including steep mountains, rolling valleys, many islands, some of the country’s longest waterfalls and, of course, the deep fjords that make the area so famous. From Otta on E6 road 15 passed Grotli, change to road 63, make a detour to Dalsnibba (at Djupvasshytta), continue down the famous Geiranger road (don't stop in Geiranger village), continue up Eagle's Highway (short stop for photos near the top) on road 63. On the west coast, the main entrance to Møre og Romsdal is the E39 from Bergen to Volda, Ålesund and Molde. Ice and snow is common on all roads during the winter months December-March, in the interior and uplands from late October to mid April. The most important sights in Møre og Romsdal is the nature and landscape itself, although the old centre of Ålesund and some charming villages and mountain farms are worth a visit. The red deer is much smaller than the moose (elk) found in Eastern Norway, but can still create a dangerous situation and cause serious damage to your car. Trollstigen- The Trolls Road is a 6 mile loop trail located near Åndalsnes, Møre og Romsdal, Norway that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. While the water in these tributaries end up in a western fjord, their valley still point south/east, this phenomenon is known as "reverse" or "barb valley". Road E136 connects the region to road E6 (Norway's main north-south road) at Dombås. There are in addition a few express boats (passengers only). 24 499 213 i momskompensasjon for varer og tjenester til idrettslagene i Møre og Romsdal 9. des 2020 Det blir nok et år med rekordutbetaling til idretten etter at NIF har mottatt tildelingen av momskompensasjon for varer og tjenester for regnskapsåret 2019. The change from East to West occurs over a few kilometers near the county line at at Geiranger, at Verma in Romsdalen, near Finnset in Eikesdalen and at Gjøra in Sunndalen. Road 650 Sjøholt-Valldal has 6 tunnels (alternative is road 60 via Stranda), Road 60 Stranda-Hellesylt has 2 long tunnels, not recommended, Road 60 Hellesylt-Stryn has 1 tunnel that may be circumvented along abandoned road, This travel guide page was last edited at 18:41, on 3 December 2020 by Wikivoyage user. The best way to see and experience this area is by driving your own car, taking a bus tour or by taking a cruise on the fjords and see something of the below. (83) - 688 - Zigzag steeps of Grjotlid road to Marok - 10 miles travel for 3 3-3 miles straight distance, Norway stereofotografi - no-nb digifoto 20160622 00196 bldsa stereo 0163.jpg 6,564 × 3,678; 1.77 MB Møre og Romsdal is a region of Norway that people mainly visit because of the beautiful landscape and the fjords. Trollheimen mountains of Trøndelag are shared with Sunndal and Surnadal. Tourists could however consider the more scenic road 70 through Sunndal valley connecting to E6 at Oppdal. Helse Møre og Romsdal og Skanska Norge AS er einige om å fortsetje forhandlingane med mål om å kome til einigheit om ein gjennomføringsavtale om bygging av nytt akuttsjukehus på Hjelset. This region is rich in natural resources such as fisheries, natural gas and hydro electric power. Do not underestimate the power of waves along the Atlantic. The transition from the mellow landscape of the eastern interior to the "wild west" in Møre og Romsdal is particularly memorable from a drive from east to west in Norway. Keep well away from the sea in stormy weather - wave height may suddenly cause surprises. Due to the deep fjords and numerous islands all parts of this region has easy access to the Atlantic and transport depends on ferries. Møre og Romsdal has large numbers of red deer (hart, "hjort") that can suddenly jump into the road at dusk and dawn (particularly where road is passing through dense forest). While the natural attractions are a magnet for tourists and local visitors, it is not a very touristy place though because it is further North than the other Fjord areas, and tourists usually end up going to Bergen, which is the famous gateway to the fjords. 22.12.2020. Frequent buses connect the towns, whereas in remote areas there may be only one or two buses daily. We have reviews of the best places to see in More og Romsdal… Traditionally, the county has been divided into three districts. The coast line is very because of the long fjords and countless islands. A large number of cruise ships (mostly departing from Denmark, Britain or the Continent) visit towns and fjords every summer. Along the coast and to the north (in the Nordmøre area closer to Trondheim), the mountains are lower, less steep and the forests wide and deep. Road 64 Molde-Atlantic road-Averøya has no tunnels. Norway has in general a low crime rate. The high mountains of Romsdalen, Eikesdalen and Sunndalen is part of the wider Dovrefjell area part of which is protected as a national park. In Geiranger the river flows few kilometers to the fjord while the corresponding rivers in East Norway flow gently 600 km to the Oslo fjord. Most towns have a few or more nightclubs and pubs, and decent nightlife in the weekends. Ferries like the Geiranger-Hellesylt ferry or the longer Valldal-Geiranger ferry offer opportunities to rest for the bicycle traveler. A particular variant in this area is potato-fish dumpling, known as mixed-dumplings (blandeball) or fish-dumplings (fiskeboller). Møre og Romsdal does not have any big cities where crime is relatively more frequent. Ten electric buses from Vy will are scheduled to start operating in Ålesund, Giske, Sula, and Skodje municipalities in Møre og Romsdal from 1 January 2021. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in More og Romsdal, Norway on Tripadvisor: See 17,868 traveler reviews and photos of More og Romsdal tourist attractions. In the northern area (Nordmøre), the dialect is similar to Trondheim dialect. Road 655 Hellesylt-Sæbø-Ørsta has no tunnels. Buses, ambulances and livestock transport have priority. Find the best trails in Møre og Romsdal (Norway). These are mainly: Møre og Romsdal county includes deep fjords, towering alpine mountains, gentle valleys, countless green islands, wide forests, the wild Atlantic coast, impressive mountain roads, numerous lakes, barren mountain plateaus, charming mountain farms, and the highest waterfalls in Norway. The highest mountains and waterfalls are in the district around Hjørundfjord, Geiranger, Valldal, Tafjord, Åndalsnes, Eikesdalen valley and Sunndal valley. At sea level along fjords and on islands like Kristiansund and Ålesund there is usually very little snow. Hurtigruten has daily departures from Bergen and Trondheim towards the coastal ports of Kristiansund, Molde and Ålesund. Search using Oversikt over våre lokalforeninger og … The language in Møre og Romsdal is Norwegian, with dialects that are distinctly different from Oslo and Bergen dialects. You may have a ways to go. Ihre Hauptstadt ist Molde, größte Gemeinde ist jedoch Ålesund. The trail is primarily used for nature trips and scenic driving and is best used from June until September. Intranett Personvern. God jul og godt nytt år. Take the ferry from Eidsdal to Linge (10 minutes), at Linge turn left onto road 650 for a 10-km detour to Liabygda, enjoy the panorama, and return to Valldal village on road 63. Menu also include the typical thick pancake ("svele") served with brown cheese, butter or marmalade. Aursjøvegen: Flott Road - Se 27 reiseanmeldelser, 45 objektive bilder og gode tilbud på Møre og Romsdal, Norge på Tripadvisor. Møre og Romsdal is a county in Western Norway. There beaches, including some sandy, on the islands. Car ferries on the main roads are rather frequent (typically every half hour), extremely reliable and operate with reserve capacity. In 2009, Kristiansund was finnally connected to the main land by complex tunnel and bridge systems. At the eastern end of fjords and in the long valleys, summers are warmer and gentler. For additional information regarding public transportation in Møre og Romsdal, contact the public transport information Trafikanten Møre og Romsdal or on phone number +47 177. Ålesund is the youngest town in the area and grew rapidly from late 1800s as the centre of commerce. Februar 2020) in 26 Kommunen auf einer Fläche von 14.359 Quadratkilometern bei einer Bevölkerungsdichte von 18,5 Einwohnern pro Quadratkilometer. Møre og Romsdal er et av Norges fylker og valgkrets til stortingsvalg.Det regnes i noen sammenhenger til Midt-Norge og i andre sammenhenger til landsdelen Vestlandet.Møre og Romsdal grenser i øst til Trøndelag, i sørøst til Innlandet og i sørvest til Vestland.. Fylkesgrensen ble flyttet 1. januar 2019 ved at Rindal kommune ble en del av Trøndelag. Road 15 from Otta (on E6) connects to Road 63 on the mountain pass above Geiranger.

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