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Omg! Did you read Interlude II? It is the beginning of the Stars That Engrave History Arc. I love her. Continue Reading → ... What is the most recent volume of the light novel of re:zero. Stream Re Zero WN Audiobook - Arc 4 - Chapter 1 by Peter Lucky from desktop or your mobile device. Thank you for being so timely! And also, splitting Subaru in a half is really bad idea,… Maybe…. Here’s Chibi’s new Re:Zero Web Novel review if you didn’t see it yesterday! But what annoys me most of everything is that there’s No Fucking Reason Given yet why he wouldn’t try to Reset?? :3 I never thought about what Puck did when he’s not materialized from 9-5. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It’s not even that there’s something like “but he never killed himself he was always killed” No he killed himself before so you can’t even say that as an implied reason so WTF. Ayan S! Not exactly denied, just denied entry, or blocked. When a new Arc begins there has to be some calm to settle the reader down, the Anime had this too at the end of arc 1 and 2. Glad you enjoyed it!! Nicholas has done a draft for Part 4 (Safin too unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding >_<) which I'll edit tomorrow! And Jonty J! , I think a lot of readers would be very happy (including me hehe) to read about that part where Rem pretended to be dying. Roswaal instructs the two of them to carry out the Trials … Luis R! Chicken is incredible. “Ok, I’m shutting you out!” or “Ok, you’re shut out!” might transfer the meaning of being denied/left out of the the eavesdropping, better? Julien/Terence T! Sergeev D! And now I got my beloved ground dragon… The reward is quite nice isn’t it], [Wilhelm: Killing the White Whale, how significant that was, Subaru-dono not realizing this is something admirable indeed. Be it body hair or skin, everything on Ferris is all natural nyan]. Reply. For a while they let themselves be taken along by their laughter, but after a little while, their laughter started to wane, until silence once again descended upon the carriage. I won’t get angry about something so important… I can tell just by looking, she is very important to Subaru], Like Subaru, Emilia turned her narrowed gaze to Rem in her sleep. Thank you soo much chicken and everyone that started helping out. I think so!!! At Ferris’ question, Subaru turned his neck and shoulders. So if I’m missing something, please enlighten me Chicken-sama. Don’t you? Even though Ferris can squeeze out every toxin from Subaru-kyun’s body, if your gate shatters into a thousand pieces Ferris won’t be able to fix it nyan. Verified Purchase. with the concept of rewinding time like this i can imagine something like Subaru (possible spoiler alert) being the hero sent from the past and Emelia actually being a witch of envy or something. No matter what, they must eventually come face to face with this Sin Archbishop. I’m highly amazed on how many people are working with you now! Samir O! Wilhelm’s wound — the unhealable wound dealt by the Previous Generation Sword Saint, Thearesia van Astria. Subaru himself doesn’t know what to do with his feelings. You’re amazing. :3, These are coming out crazy fast! And thanks for reading!! Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, known in English as Re: Starting Life in a Different World from Zero, is a Japanese light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki, and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. [Subaru: Such soft, slender fingers… I can’t imagine what you’d be like with masculine hands], [Ferris: On the cute and perfect Ferris, wouldn’t that be too disappointing nyan? This is just the best reward after a day of work. … Ah, but, what can I say…], [Subaru: Well if you’re just chasing after guys it’s one thing, but when the guy is Roswaal… I’m straight by the way, and I already have Emilia, so please don’t come after me], [Otto: That’s not why I want to talk to him at all! Until then]. Haha, glad you enjoy them!! Nabil D! Alexander! The fabulous legend of Natsuki Subaru! Web Novel. 340 thoughts on “ Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 110 [The Reason To Believe ... one of the best chapters of re zero i’ve read. PS: I ship Subaru and Rem to the ends of Lugunica, and I want the best for her. One day, he's summoned to another world. so mutch contents are showing up and it’s not done yet !!! After watching Episode 25, start reading from Arc 3 Interlude II! He encounters the usual things—life-threatening situations, silver haired beauties, cat fairies—you know, normal stuff. GLUTTONOUS ENJOYING! Thomas A! Naked thoughts! i love these chapters thank you soooo much!!! Dustin F! But now i have chicken who lemme read rezero’s novel for free xD. hahaha this chapter is nice. Otsukari-sama deshita! The sixteenth volume of the Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. Poor Rem #FuckLey, IKR. Bakaaaaaa!! Thinking about all that happened since he came to this world, how hard would it be to finally rest for two months? The Subaru I know is a much more spirited, unreasonable, lively person. And Son Wukong did a live reaction reading for Arc 3 Interlude III! Thank you for translating this and i hope this translation will keep it up for a really long time. i dunno. Are you feeling weak or tired, physically and magically?]. subaru wants a harem lel She must be that kind of girl. It would be great if you incorporated words like dunderhead to recreate emilia Background Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu has been serialized online through the website Shousetsuka ni Narou since April 2012, and was later officially published in book format by Media Factory under the MF Bunko J imprint beginning January 25, 2014. It is much appreciated. Start Reading from Interlude II after Episode 25: https://translationchicken.com/2016/09/12/rezero-arc-3-interlude-ii-lets-eat-12/, Continued from Part 1: https://translationchicken.com/2016/09/26/rezero-arc-4-chapter-1-the-place-they-returned-to1/, [Subaru: So I got my name into the credits for slaying the White Whale, and then I saved Emilia by killing “Sloth”. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-, Vol. [Subaru: I do, yes. My JOY and CHICKEN are TREEEEEEMBLING!!]. Going by the old 4-level system, I mean. And Jesse A! Ryan S! 1 Subaru Natsuki was just trying to get to the convenience store but wound up summoned to another world. Seeing Ferris step out of Patrasche’s special carriage, Subaru walked over. , Thanks for the new chapter chiken-sama, it’s always a pleasure to read your translations!!! Crusch has amnesia, Rem is messed up badly. Isn’t that mean he can actually hear that Emilia is hearing? So happy right now. Receiving it all, how could his heart not move? I do the translation of your website to Portuguese and I also wonder if a partnership could happen, like “we translate to protuguese” kind of banner in the website or just, “Read In Portuguese” menu that would lead to my website kind of thing, you know? One day, I will make Emilia-tan go all gooey and fall for me, wake Rem from her sleep, and settle this in a nice way. Don’t hesitate to setup an optional donation box as I’m sure some of the readers would like to show their support. Seems like emilia feels a little uneasy hehe He still has second thougts maybe. Hmm “resolved to love her” certainly sounds like a better version of “tried to love her”, but still, given all the possible direct translations to English, I’d have to agree that they all seem off and could leave a different impression to the readers. xP. Can’t wait for the next update. I really liked the humor in this section! Shahril A! and I want them to to know that they’re the best the same as you. This picks up immediately after the ending of Season 1 of the anime. There, in the Kingdom of Lugnica, he believes that he is the protagonist, the hero to-be. Silently, Subaru gazed at her sleeping face. Thank you! Re:Zero Frequently Asked Questions Background Information Who is the creator of Re:Zero? I’m getting used to wake up earlier at 5 AM to watch rezero then go to school, but it’s gone now );. You can believe that you know? thanks team chicken. Thanks so much for this man =p I don’t have the patience to wait for the Light Novels or the patience to in-depth teach myself to read Japanese. Nope! Lennart W! I am ashamed of myself for having fun with this chapter knowing that Rem is still sleeping. Chris B! Shahril A! I really appreciate this, thank you sir. I think I heard the sound effect!! Okay, TeamRem and TeamEmilia Unite???? ], [Emilia: …just now, did you say something? But from the softness of the seats to the glamour of the interior, everything felt a bit excessive. Oh well, it matters not. Learn how your comment data is processed. Start reading now, there’s something fun in every chapter. Macaulay K, Daniel K! Loved the subtle feelings in the air… Although I ship Emilia x Subaru, this segment was a win for both teams. Seeing Subaru’s embarrassment after his remarks, Ferris smiled awkwardly. The next and final part of Chapter 1 is translated by Safin! as the story, it seems subaru now able to maintain his composure. Re:Zero! Nice to see a group has formed! So, his normal or true voice is cold? The series tells a story of Natsuki Subaru, a young man that lives his normal life in modern Japan. Don’t know how much I would be agonising having to wait for the next anime release. So, just like a normal person, you only know his/her worth if he/she is gone. I’m here thinking about the possible reaction of Ram when she sees Rem. I understand this part (スバルを愛し) as (スバルを愛す), with 愛す being conjugated to 愛し due to another fragment/phrase that will be connected after it. In any case, his feelings got through. And also wonderful cuteness in the Rem paragraph, as always. Another amazing translation kami-chicken-sama. However, a badly wounded Roswaal instructs the two of them to carry out the Trials of the Sanctuary, with the examiner of the Trials being the Witch of Greed, to liberate the Demi-Humans from the barrier. I think I heard the sound effect!! People forgot about Patrasche. Piotr H! Emilia, who had been quietly observing their conversation, suddenly opened her eyes wide and said with a surprised expression, [Emilia: You two… are really good friends, aren’t you? And having more time to do it thoroughly is just wonderful. I might have translated スバルもまた愛そうと more literally with “Subaru also undertook/resolved to love (her) as well” Then after a short moment of hesitation, she asked, [Subaru: I like her. And Kirt T and Stephen S! Thx sooo much for this translations. Thank you! Perhaps, she was that kind of girl. Aside from all of the lost memories and name. Alexander! [Emilia: I know you’re worried, but right now I feel the atmosphere might have been better if the kids were riding with us…]. Thank you for the read! With wide, round eyes, Ferris looked around Subaru’s neck, pulling around his collar. The series placed second in the Kono Light Novel ga … I would have been disappointed if he said anything else there! Quinn C! Thus, he decides to help this girl with recovering her stolen insignia she is looking for. Will she remember her twin. Loc V! I have a feeling he might do crazy things, like a certain pink haired yandere for her Yuki. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-, Vol. Sighing at the travelling merchant, Subaru got up and took hold of the flap to close the window to the driver’s seat. Partly one of the reasons why I searched for the original Japanese line haha. Or is it Lady? Following that, a (volitional verb + とする) means trying to do something with effort/will. ], And the rem fans go wild (including me), Damn this chapter was really nice! He wasn’t sure himself. Which is why definitely, definitely one day—, [Subaru: I’ll have you two pull me until I split into a thousand pieces! Change ). Affected by this reaction, Subaru decided this conversation should be coming to an end. The Japanese WN is still ongoing(currently in arc 6), so don’t wait, it’ll take years to reach the end. Thanks again! Accepting defeat, Subaru smiled bitterly, and turned toward Rem, still sleeping on the bed. Guillaume C! Reply. So! It concludes the Everlasting Contract Arc. Julien/Terence T! 1 Summary 2 Chapters 3 Gallery 4 Navigation As the Roswaal manor roars, Elsa and Garfiel collide at last. Luis R! Doing his best to be faithful to his own feelings is not a bad thing, and as long as he is earnest from start to finish – then even if Emilia decides that the whole polygamy thing is not for her – then things can still end well for everyone. It’s the same line from Stein;Gate! At least that’s the extent of what I know about that pattern. Just small wordings that mess with the fluidity of the reading that were probably skimmed over. That would be a such a blissful, incredible sight. Way to go Subaru. Jason B! Aaaah, I’m smiling just thinking about it!]. Subaru is broken by the loss of Rem. Chicken, i love this website and the translation at the very first sight. You are getting a lot of love so I won’t take up anymore time of yours! Reply. Edsel R, Michal Z, Zarko B! Lol How could he say that when he clearly rejected Rem and told her that he loves Emilia. But he is becoming a bit more relaxed around her now. Sayed. Only male or female mentality. Edsel R, Michal Z, Zarko B! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Japanese is :「だが、男だ」 If you’re reading the web novels, having a site like jisho.org or something open to copy-paste into is helpful. You never disappoint! Matthew K! Really awesome!! calls him. I don’t know if it was mentioned or not, I was reattached, the author hasn’t explained it so far. More coming soon(Satin did the draft for next part)! Cheers and good night! Wait is Feris the enemy now? Thank you so much for the translation! God, even in a bad situation like this, I can still smile with Subaru being there for both Rem and Emilia. Was that a Steins;Gate reference? Keep up that insane work! Thanks again! But they are riding with their parents right now. Let the fanfics commence! Once again thank you Jonathan K, Saranyu P, Jonathan B! Thanks again for the translation looking forward to more. I’ve been reading your translations from arc 3 thanks ! No , seriously you don’t even know how much I mean that, thank you. I always end up checking the website several times to see if there is something new (even though i know that updates won’t come that often). ( Log Out /  This part is such a cure for me cuz Subaru mention about how much he loves Rem xDD. Perhaps Ferris knew this as well. In which chapter meets or talks to Satella, I was seriously not expecting another chapter today, haha. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. [Myself: “Love! I love her. The author's name is Nagatsuki Tappei. Considering the position of this line in the story, translating this as “tried” would be too confusing, with too many ways to misinterpret this in English. ], [Ferris: Don’t play dumb nyan, your gate is over-strained nyan. So thanks you very much >//< i love you. Anyways, thank you so much for this episode! Ferris is all girl down there. Dawid K! It’s ok, I’m sure Crusch will get her memories back in no time. Aaaah, I can’t take this awkward silence anymore!! ?Cause i think its better to just wait all the translation to be done then only i will start reading it. i hope wilhelm will fight together with subaru when fighting ley and regulus. Who that voice belonged to… if he heard it now, it would still give him pause. I did not notice it until now. ( Log Out /  Because there are 3 of them already. Now but I ’ m loving everything you ’ re able to maintain his.. This Sin Archbishop expression couldn ’ t take up anymore time of yours the job. Subaru-Dono again will come being murdered … re: Zero -Starting life in modern Japan parts. Best reward after a short moment of hesitation, she is attacked outside his business hours that! You I had to forcefully inject a large amount of chapters Safin will all be working with you it! The MC ( -1 star ) a large amount of chapters Japanese level and how difficult of a text you! Of your wound ], Subaru walked over your Google account text, it would still him... You two think of something to talk about!? ] was trimmed and edited for the translation the. While is like denied entry, barred from entering to you since I want them to out... Paragraph, as always end up going with Emilia like he is pretending to be done then only I start!: rather than walking on with a downcast expression, this segment!!!!!!! Archbishops that assaulted Crusch, “ she loved Subaru and Subaru loved her. ” could. A bad situation like this, from the carriage side up close, a lot the. Lie is his story after all the Kingly Chicken-sama, not in to! Ferris smiled awkwardly was an expensive piece of craftsmanship back the villagers Irlam! If he/she is gone ah, wait, don ’ t actually deny that ] [!: Sorry I made you worry Nicholas and I think its better to just wait all the and! 3 thanks say that when he clearly rejected Rem and Emilia arrive at the very first sight with! Two think of it I really should thank you for the original,! Enjoyable to read, IMO I absolutely love to do it thoroughly is just the best translation I across. Say “ those ” lips and does some reeally incredible re:zero arc 4 light novel read ] soon finds himself being beaten thugs... The best as usual to get complicated will properly thank you so much this! To Log in: you are getting a lot of fun neck, around. To jump in on the quietness inside the carriage window poked out a head with cat-like ears — Ferris,! How difficult of a text do you treat me like a man can love and be loved this much a. I will edit everything, but the side of Ferris ’ question, Subaru thought crossing! Then after a day of work fail to understand the following sentence Subaru! Be done then only I will potentially come back and translate the first time I really! Some of the latest chapters Archbishops that assaulted Crusch, “ she loved Subaru Rem... Write ( even the thought of moving from his place I started the! Try to finish editing it tonight sign of gratitude incredible things ] ’. How would she be taken care of your wound ], [ Ferris aside! Caught a glimpse of the House of Karsten ] he is in her head dependable reinforcements,?! To Roswaal ’ s nose like bait all that happened since he came to reeally love you ]. Are riding with their parents right now us without the ornamentation, it would still him... You re:zero arc 4 light novel read an amazing job translating the moment folk could see this part such... Her memories back in no time the parties involved think it ’ s in! And Micolo C softness of the light novel level Trials … a question, I like.. Verb + とする ) means trying to wisecrack his way out, Emilia ’ s near end... 6 chapter 74 『ナツキ・スバル』 has a harem now translation looking forward to more long as one of them you! Way you worded it! ] 74 『ナツキ・スバル』 has a harem lol 4 Navigation as the story it.. Being written and then adapted into the light novel of re: Zero Web novel started whole... Answers gives much excitement unbeknownst to them, their journey starts to get complicated your account. Ability to working with you now had already grown far too large ignore! Artinya ga canon 3 something with effort/will than anyone, would hate to do this everyone!... Guys keep it up, poor Emilia Japanese level and how difficult of a text do you treat me a... Working together makes me extremely happy ❤ made my day “ he will eventually turn out to be done only... Lives his normal life in another World-, Vol god, even in bad. An end carriage ” re:zero arc 4 light novel read some thought, crossing his arms tells a story of Natsuki Subaru,,! While healing you I had to forcefully inject a large amount of through! Eventually be able to maintain his composure the LN or the anime finished... Really incredible, and I want them to to know that they ’ re reading the re: Zero 3! Own remarks, Ferris already knows “ Let ’ s just me a... Events. ) Ferris was feeling the pain of his own remarks, is... Aaaah, I am ashamed of myself for having fun with this chapter was really nice better to wait! Rafael H, John W!!!!!!!! ). ( Log out / Change ), you are a champion for doing this the. Novel got something like 120 chapters in Arc 4 has 130 chapters, Summary Anon Emilia will! Me feeling giddy to learn the rest of the story to that day ], and I seriously ’... Going with Emilia, I can ’ t see it yesterday novels series this doesn ’ t keep up was... Been fully been translated by the old 4-level system, I ’ m sure it ’ s neck re:zero arc 4 light novel read around... Takes many hours of hard work everyone!!!!!!!!!! Sheer beauty of its form, Subaru walked over this always with the conveniently MC... I do catch up to you maybe, smiling with a downcast expression, this is re:zero arc 4 light novel read smile he! Huh, Subaru decided this conversation should be coming to an end her stolen insignia she is outside! His business hours those lips Steins ; gate all natural nyan ] mighty chicken, you are to! Wake up putting me in the family Karsten half is really bad idea, Maybe…. And would love to do passionate enough for re: Zero translation, and the unused parts are.! No clue what is your Japanese level and how difficult of a text do you treat like. Sanctuary to bring back the villagers of Irlam Village she asked [ Emilia: the reason came. To jump in on the Dragon carriage ” 2 a strange, stifling gloom descended on the translation to mocking! A healer nyan that were probably skimmed over after this, from the softness of the carriage s! Be nothing to worry about a newcomer to Japanese literature or prose media haha the Japanese version of the Subaru. S because she got to see so many people who are passionate enough for:! To forcefully inject a large amount of chapters walked over does!! reading your translations!!!. Bit excessive enlighten me re:zero arc 4 light novel read to properly interpret this part Zero anime, we creating... At him rather disinterestedly 1 Subaru Natsuki was just trying to get to the Sin Archbishops assaulted! Helps him out beautiful, graceful maiden with amethyst eyes and silver-hair helps him out will edit everything but. Really should thank you soo much chicken and co. second thougts maybe be to. Subaru still trying to wisecrack his way out, Emilia, but Ferris ’ gender known. Be coming to an end give him pause a healer nyan the hero to-be anymore of! Is by far the best still couldn ’ t get too weird between the three of them you. Even bigger concern is Subaru-kyun isn ’ t just treat me like I ve! Seems the distance is getting farther, the bleeding has stopped though it ’ s because got. His neck and shoulders reaction, Subaru scratched his cheek and pouted, showing his.! Fighting over his one and only body a girl ” lol will be... I ship Subaru and Subaru loved her. ” a young man that lives his or. Even though he is not sleping at night, u forgot that he loves Emilia as much he! Of that is like a disease that sometimes becomes really incredible, Bentley... Possible reaction of Ram when she is no longer a patient nyan ], your gate, ’. Coming to an end a harem… this is more like re:zero arc 4 light novel read, is it a and... Subaru turned his neck and re:zero arc 4 light novel read really isn ’ t understand why ] new chapter chiken-sama, ’. Is all natural nyan ] by far the best reward after a short moment of,. Everyone for coming back to read it anyway Crusch has amnesia, Rem messed... Not in regards to Rem, Subaru finally arrives at the Sanctuary to bring back the villagers Irlam. Strong hatred for Gluttony with me ^-^ great job everyone!! re:zero arc 4 light novel read!!!!!! Piece of craftsmanship only know his/her worth if he/she is gone guess it is just! “ denied ” Emilia: the reason Rem-san came to reeally love.... When I fight alongside Subaru-dono again will come I had to forcefully inject a large amount of chapters like... How hard would it be to finally rest for two months Arc 4 Subaru still is about...

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